Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

In Dream Lover

In Dream Lover
I dream of you every bed

I imagine you're my every fantasy
I want you in the world of utopia
I bring you every thought dew point
I smiled even though I have loved you
My grace to love you
I love you ....
although it may think
is a despicable thing or maybe not ....
although I do not know what you really think that feeling!
delusional love me!
but I'm sure I LOVE YOU
because I HAVE a sense of LOVE for YOU !

'Dan hanya terucap 1 bait kata untukmu'  :

Jangan sesekali mengucapkan selamat tinggal
jika kamu masih mau MENCOBA.
Jangan sesekali menyerah jika kamu masih merasa SANGGUP.
Jangan sesekali mengatakan kamu tidak
M E N C I N T A I N Y A lagi
jika kamu masih tidak dapat MELUPAKANYA :').

                                                       By: Hana Diana Maria :)

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