Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Sekilas Perdebatan

Hahaha di FB saya lagi debat sama a.iki aditya
hahhaa nah eh malah a.iki mintanya pake bahasa.Inggris
tapi okelah saya ladenin , (itu juga sebagian tranlate hihii)

nih ya sekilas perdebatan antara Saya dan k.Iki

Iki Aditya :
Sok debat anu gampang we ku aa buka .
Specialfriend make student lazy ~
sok km positif negatif?

Hana Nhadeem Ardesta :
behaviors that are not good ~

Iki Aditya :
dor!kehela ... baru nyampe rumah ~
dari sekolah nh ~
apa ??
berarti km negatif ya hana ?...

Hana Nhadeem Ardesta :
it but we'll see another side
but it's a normal teenager choose a special friend
because at the time a teenager or a period of growth when we feel love mounting

wuhahahhaa bahasana abot ~

Iki Aditya :
but student obligation is study to make our country increase ~
and if the special friend bother the student to study ..
that is make our country decrease ..
so .. to increase our country is student must study hard to have better education to guarantee their life ..
so i very disagree if student have a special friend ~..

Hana Nhadeem Ardesta :
but look at the facts and evidence now
you see yourself whether you have a special friend?
you must have because every person must have a different feel to the theme called special friend,
of the country due to a factor that could reasonably
also a way improve the quality of teaching and instruction?
Do not just blame a teenager who is experiencing the development of self -

Iki Aditya : ok ..
thx for you are argument ..
but i very disagree... because you said "Do not just blame a teenager who is experiencing the development of self"
as we now a succesor for our country is teenager ..
the determinant of our country is teenager ,,,
because who ? if not the teenager can replacing the people in government .. who ?? people from other country ?
our student can increase our country if lazy ..
and one of factor it becaus a student have a special friend ..

Hana Nhadeem Ardesta :
it is true, I agree with your argument.
but what blame to let their teens have the freedom to have a special friend . ~  heuheu*

ahahha nah itu sekilas perdebatan saya dan k.iki yg
ceunah mah debat Inggris haha :D
 okelah cukup sekian debatna haha ~ :D

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